Laura Hughes

Editor (2012/13)

Laura has written 132 articles for Nouse

Fire breaks out at the Boulevard

Fire started on the fourth floor of the exclusive Boulevard Student Apartments on Lawrence Street

MTV Student of the year 2013 Christian Cargill

Christian Cargill has done it all. Student drama, student media, serial RAG-er, social butterfly. Here he imparts wisdom from three years of student success to Laura Hughes

Extra grants demanded by placement students

Health Science students have complained of the costs involved in travelling to and from Summer placements during their course

Come dine with the VC

When it comes to the University racking up bills on the last Vice-Chancellor’s credit card, students’ perception of expenses claimed…

Students to vote on YUSU letting agency

Students will vote in a referendum this term to decide if they want York’s student union to put together a business plan to run a letting agency

Guantánamo’s Last British Resident

Shaker Aamer was arrested in Kabul while setting up schools for Muslim girls. According to his campaign headed by Joy Hurcombe he was tortured under the eyes of British intelligence before being sent to Guantánamo. Laura Hughes hears her story

Steve Richards: Syria, Surveillance and The Sun

Steve Richards, York alumnus and political commentator, caught up with Laura Hughes as he returned for the University’s 50th Anniversary weekend

Accommodation services ‘inaccurate’ and ‘false’

Wentworth students claim University has backtracked to avoid paying out requested compensation

An insight into York’s Milli Vanilli

This year has witnessed a burst of student-run nights emerging on the York scene, including Tim Perera’s Milli Vanilli, a…

Provosts renamed Principals in pilot scheme

The University has announced Provosts will be renamed Principals, under proposals for a new system, which will be piloted in Langwith and Vanbrugh next year

Exiled to the Grave

Poor healthcare and end stage renal failure make deportation tantamount to a death sentence, and yet the Home Office continues to campaign and intimidate. Laura Hughes hears the story of Roseline Akhalu

The Great Defender: ‘Our democracy is dead.’

The Government has proposed changes to the way Legal Aid for criminal cases are funded. Michael Turner QC tells Laura Hughes the frightening truth of what these changes could mean