Jo-ann Hodgson

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Women’s football storm to greatest season yet

The University’s women’s football teams are celebrating the end of a successful year. This season has seen some of the best results achieved since the club was established

York on top racing form

Fed up of student shabbiness, Jo-ann Hodgson puts campus concerns to one side for a day and enters the world of the rich, well-dressed and foolish at York’s famous racecourse

Th Complete Stone Roses, Fibbers

The crowd of teenage Indie kids wanting a glimpse into the arrogant euphoria the Stone Roses epitomised in the late…

Speed Queen

By accelerating the dating process, Jo-ann Hodgson is able to balance ten brief encounters with ten strangers in one Speed Dating evening, it turned out to be an interesting evening …

Living fitness fantasies

Gyms and jogging aren’t too tempting when it’s time for New Year’s resolutions again, prompting Sebastian Knox and Jo-ann Hodgson to investigate less traditional ways to keep fit

Soldier, Soldier

Is the life of a soldier really that different from that of a student? Jo-ann Hodgson investigates

How to Spot a Cliche

Just how obvious are students in their dress sense?