Jamie Summers

Sports Editor (2013/14)

Jamie has written 185 articles for Nouse

Campus laundry service cleans up its act

The washing machines will now be cleaned daily instead of once a week

Play Fair, Pay Fair

Jamie Summers talks to York student Stephen Harper about his campaign to make all Premier League clubs pay the Living Wage

YUSU Elections Results Night 2015: As it happened

Live coverage from this year’s YUSU Elections Results Night in the Roger Kirk Centre

Reffing Hell

After a series of recent high-profile blunders in football, Jamie Summers takes a look at the role of the referees in the game, from George Waring to Jose Mourinho

Constantine and Derwent launch motto competitions

Halifax and James have also revealed the creation of a college motto is under consideration

The Nouse Sport Review of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, the Nouse Sport team reflect on their favourite sporting moments of the last year

Rooney Rule not the perfect panacea

The solution to football’s racial inequality? Jamie Summers gives his verdict on the Rooney Rule

Corruption in Football

With the odd reference to Stockport County, Jamie Summers tells us how he sees corruption in football

Life on the Terraces

In his final column as Sports Editor, Jamie Summers takes a light-hearted look at experiences on the football terraces

Hapless Halifax well-beaten by Derwent

Derwent firsts thrashed a notably below-par Halifax firsts side 4-2 on the 3G at the weekend to maintain their perfect record so far this season

10K York Sport funding pledge granted

University of York Registrar, David Duncan, has pledged to plug any gap in funding for the York Sport Performance Programme up to a maximum of £10,000

Good Week, Bad Week

The Nouse Sport team take a light-hearted look back at the sporting action from across campus over the last week