James Paton

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A Doomsday economy calls for a Doomsday tax

The essential rule of thumb that we must take into account is whether the thing we are taxing can move from our shores pretty easily. If it can, it is a bad idea

The big fat tax debate

Funnily enough, tax avoiders are actually complying with government legislation and have the absolute right to do so

Britain: a housing market built upon the sand

It’s not government austerity that is the problem – we need more of it in fact as the government spends too much money. But when interest rates rise, this whole phony economy is going to collapse

Living Wage Campaign misses the obvious solution

I want higher real wages for the lowest paid but the Living Wage Campaign has got it all wrong. There are huge problems with the concept, and the campaigners persist in looking at nominal wages and not prices

Time to change the NHS or risk losing it all

Healthcare costs have been rising unsustainably and now that change is proposed, the organisations representing patients are preventing the solution