James Doughty

James Doughty has written 26 articles for Nouse

Union under fire for anti-BNP policy

A Student Union policy designed to oppose the BNP in the recent local and European elections is “illegal” and breaks rules on campagining, according to the Charity Commission

9,700 Students betrayed?

11,920 hours, £600,000 : 9,700 students betrayed? Union and students clash over effectiveness, role ad future of the “careerist” institution

Companies prepare for a student siege

York companies prepare for a student siege that will ‘swamp York suburbia’

Violence and Carnage! Not in Albufeira, in Vanbrugh!

Everybody has been quick to condemn the attack that marred the Woodstock event on Saturday. Rightly so, too, nobody should…

Lecturers’ Exam Boycott a Bluff, Admits AUT Chief

Lecturers will back down over threats to boycott assessment and examination work in order to avoid placing student’s degrees in danger, according to a senior AUT official

Hate Crime Victim Hits Out After ‘Shameful’ Attack

A student who suffered serious facial injuries after being assaulted, has made an emotional plea to the University to ensure his attackers are found and permanently expelled from studying at York

Fallout as no-confidence motion fails

Confidential e-mails leaked to nouse have exposed the full extent of support for SU Co-Treasurer, James Alexander, who failed in…

Meningitis sparks fear on campus

A history student is recovering after being struck down with potentially lethal bacterial meningitis, following a soar in reported cases…

Strike action will ‘cripple’ University

500 academic and support staff are poised to create havoc across campus by striking on the 24th and 25th of February as part of nationally co-ordinated action by the AUT

UNITED: York Rag in the rain

Miserable conditions did not deter hundreds of York students from jumping into the spirit of the Rag Parade on Saturday.…

Rebel Galloway defies critics and returns to York

Students have expressed their “disgust” that a controversial MP who called on Arabs to “bomb” British forces during the Iraq war, has been “embraced” by the University

York Councillor confession after ‘over the counter’ Class A drugs exposed

A York Councillor who admitted indulging in magic mushroom tea as a teenager, has expressed her dismay that the ‘Class A’ drug is being sold openly on the highstreet. Councillor Tracy Simpson Laing was responding to the findings of a nouse investigation into the increased availability of the drug in the city