Imogen Bellamy

News Editor
Deputy News Editor (2017)
Deputy Features Editor (2016/17)

Imogen has written 16 articles for Nouse

Derwent’s minor makeover

Derwent College has been the recipient of £231 304 in refurbishments. Taking place in blocks A – J over the summer,…

“It’s really important to be yourself”: Q&A with Alex Urquhart

Alex Urquhart, YUSU President, responds to the questions that new first years should know the answers to

“The Retreat” set to return for next year’s exam season

From the fifteenth to the nineteenth of May, YUSU ran The Retreat @ Alcuin. Taking place from 9pm to 3am,…

York students announced as parliamentary candidates

Two University of York students, one current and one alumnus, have entered the race to become MPs in the upcoming general…