Holly Thomas

Features Editor (2008/09)

Holly has written 25 articles for Nouse

Behind the limelight

There’s another side to celebrity. Holly Thomas talks to the people behind the people

The XY chromosome: the thespian

I simply cannot believe it. I would never have dreamed that such an injustice could have been inflicted with the…

The XY chromosome: the foodie

Fuck. I’ll have another look, but I’m pretty sure someone’s chucked my Epoisse de Bourgoges. Just as it had reached…

The XY chromosome: Mr Nice Guy

Fantastic. Just a couple more pages and that’s Jenny’s notes done. Poor thing, be such a shame for her to…

“There’s a demon in her head”

Anorexia is the most deadly recognised mental illness. Only a third of sufferers ever fully recover. Holly Thomas talks to one girl who did

The XY chromosone: seminar Socrates

Jesus, it can’t have been a week already. Just as I have purged myself of all trace of these plebs…

The XY chromosome: campus dickhead

It’s the final round. I’ve taken some hits, but I’m hanging in there. Takes more than a coupla knocks to…

A culture of celebrity-worship

We are fascinated by celebrity culture; what they eat, how they look, and how they act. But do we take our idolotry too far? Holly Thomas explores the rag-mag world

New ‘Supervisor of the Year’ award

A ‘Supervisor of the Year’ award has been developed by the Students’ Union

Can a new bar be impressive enough to work?

The concept of including a funky, student ‘outdoor space’ seems seductive, until one considers that it will hardly be possible to watch the sun set, nestled amongst those grim grey blocks

Economics department is failing its students

By leaving students in the dark for an entire term, the Economics Department risks both continuation of sloth and loss of motivation

NUS delegates to represent campus view

York representatives sent to NUS conferences are to be held accountable for the way in which they cast their votes.…