Helena Parker

Food & Drink Editor (2012/13)

Helena has written 35 articles for Nouse

The Naked Baker: Banana Bread

Banana bread with a twist, quick and easy and great for keeping up energy (and morale) levels during revision

Festival Food: YO1 in perspective

Festival food and drink on the rise – the days of Fosters and a scummy hotdog are long gone

Meatless Monday: Stuffed Aubergine

Fresh and light for the summertime – we finally feel like abandoning the stews and soups of last term in favour of lighter meals

As it happened: YO1 Festival

The Music and Food and Drink teams bring you the latest from YO1 Festival at York Racecourse: Reviews, news and pics from the likes of Rudimental, AlunaGeorge, DJ Yoda and more

Naked Baker: Happy ANZAC Day

Down Under they celebrate their national day with style and baking. What better way to procrastinate

Food for Thought

Healthy foods to stimulate brain power during exam season

Meatless Mondays: Watercress Pasta*

How to use up all those pesky left-overs that hide at the back of the cupboard, before they start sprouting, in one dish

Let Them Eat Cake

Chaos descends on the humble abode as Easter threatens and the kitchen goes into overdrive in preparation for being allowed to eat chocolate

Mangez sur la montaigne?

Ever eaten chips on a mountain? If you’ve been skiing, you probably have. But all this fried stuff is changing into fresh food to eat avec du vin et du pain. Halleluliah

Review: Little Italy

A sun-soaked atmosphere and a delight in good food makes this restaurant one to remember

The Shoot: Easter Treats

Cometh the Easter hour, cometh the Easter Bunny. Enjoy our veritable treats this Easter-tide

The Naked Baker: Chocolate Orange Cake

The Bold Claim of the best cake in the world is put to the test. Will it survive? Or will it be thrown on the floor by the grumpy kid at the party?