Heidi Blake

Heidi has written 54 articles for Nouse

Are we a racist university?

A Nouse poll has uncovered potentially worrying divisions between international and home students at York, with 49% of international students saying that they ‘feel excluded by British students’ and 30% saying that they have experienced what they consider to be racist attitudes from students or staff during their time at York

Controversy over use of Fruit of the Loom as Roses kit supplier

The AU President Tom Moore has come under scrutiny this week for his decision to source Roses merchandise from the controversial clothing supplier Fruit of the Loom

The pen, it seems, is mightier than the sword

Drum roll, please. This is the first instalment of the Nouse editorial blog, taking you on a literary journey if…

‘To the true believer, no evidence is necessary’

Derek Acorah is the country’s leading spirit medium and ‘paranormal investigator’. Heidi Blake watches his York show and talks to him about the ‘world of spirit’, his ability to see into the future and his 1500 year-old Ethiopian spirit guide, Sam

Life behind closed doors: the hidden York sex trade

Prostitution has been been much discussed recently, in both the media and Parliament. However, there is far more to the industry than street-walking and drug addiction, as Heidi Blake finds out.

When I asked Corinne, an escort working in Yorkshire, which image she thought was most commonly brought to mind by the term ‘prostitute’, her answer was unequivocal. “People think of a mucky young girl, on drugs, standing on a street corner in a dirty area”, she said. “But that’s a misconception.”

A different kind of sex education: the pain of looking good

Men often expect women to look good with no thought of how they get there. Heidi Blake and Ellen Carpenter show them.

We were sitting in Goodricke bar one dark and stormy York night when a male acquaintance said something which got us thinking. Out of nowhere he volunteered, “It’s so disgusting: my housemate doesn’t see her boyfriend for two weeks at a time, and she doesn’t shave her legs in between

SU in ‘joke’ bingo scandal

YUSU sabbatical officers have claimed that a game of “students’ bingo” devised by them was “only a joke” and was never intended to be carried out, amidst accusations of “inappropriate and compromising behaviour”

SU Officer arrested in fight against aviation emissions

Rose Rickford, a YUSU LGBT Officer, will stand trial later this yearfollowing her arrest at a 25-strong sit-in at Nottingham East Midlands Airport in September

University attacked at Heslington East inquiry

The University has come under fire from residents and local officials over its plans for campus expansion at the ongoing inquiry into Heslington East. An ex-University bursar, Roger McMeeking, was among many to raise concerns about the proposals

University row with porters intensifies after University’s ‘union-busting’ tactics

The row between the University and its porters over contract changes has intensified, following the use of what Unsion describe as “union-busting tactics” by the University

Student attacked by gunman

A UNIVERSITY of York student recently fought back after an armed robber attempted to mug him at gunpoint on Heslington Road.

The third year science student knocked the would-be robber to the floor and wrestled the gun from him while repeatedly punching him in the face, before escaping with the firearm.

The attempted mugging took place on Thursday September 20 at 2.40 a.m., when the student was walking home from The Gallery nightclub

Ziggy’s becomes first of several strip clubs

Ziggy’s nightclub has undergone a £65,000 transformation to become York’s first strip club since the early 1970s. Since Ziggy’s opened for exotic dancing this September, seven other businesses have inquired about opening lap-dancing venues in York