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Chief Sub-Editor (2013/14)

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First-years: ignore our advice

I worry when I see people in my own position giving advice about what’s important in your first year of university. With only a third of our time at university behind us, it’s difficult to even say whether it will have had that big an effect on our own university experience, let alone our whole life. And certainly not someone else’s

Don’t be stupid – ‘woman’ isn’t an insult

Once again the Twitter mob’s torches are ablaze and their pitchforks sharpened. Today they’re after William Hague, the UK Foreign…

Redefining marriage

Marriage has many purposes, and declaring your intention to spend the rest of your life with someone is only part of it

Consistency in criticising celebrities

When I was growing up, my parents always taught me that I should always try to forgive people for the…

Campaigners clash over Sun referendum debate

Last night’s referendum debate saw the coordinators of both the Yes and No campaigns for all four motions argue their case and respond to questions from the floor

Be honest about your booze

Why is it we won’t admit how much booze we knock back?

Medics caught in marking chaos

Medical students who received their Situational Judgement Test (STJ) marks on Monday 25 February may have received the wrong grades and potentially jeopardising placement offers

Election Night: Audio Interviews

Election night might be over but you can still catch up with the best bits from the night with our audio interviews. Hear what all the big names had to say before and after the results

Three rule-breaking candidates go unpunished

Mike Anstey, Kallum Taylor, and Jason Brandwood have all had complaints filed against them for rule-breaking, with Anstey violating a total of five election rules

Turnout increase of 30 per cent over last year

YUSU data shows a 30 per cent increase on last year in votes cast for sabbatical officer positions

As it happened: Candidate Interview Night

Get all the live action and commentary on the part-time officer candidates as they battle it out in this year’s hustings

YUSU called to stop stocking ‘offensive publications’

Pornographic magazines and The Sun are among publications which YUSU is being called upon to stop stocking in YourShop