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Editor (2017)
Deputy Editor (2016/17)
Online Editor (2015/16)
Deputy Politics Editor (2015/16)

Finn has written 52 articles for Nouse

The Essential York Bucket List

Finn Judge on the mandatory recommendations and travel tips for your time at York

Scott Mills and Chris Stark to headline York Freshers’ Festival

YUSU’s 2017 Freshers’ Festival will feature two stages on Campus West, BBC Radio One DJs, drag superstars and a GIF photo…

Fetish Society members quit over perceived “racism and anti-heterosexual rhetoric”

References were made to a potential exit of cisgendered men on the society’s Facebook group

Campus exit poll shows 71 per cent back Labour

An exclusive exit poll conducted by Nouse has revealed the extent to which young people were responsible for Labour’s surge…

Balls to the Wall

Finn Judge checks up on Ed Balls after Labour’s shock election surge

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Referendum on Working Class Officer in YUSU policy package

The end of this term’s policy process for YUSU’s Policy & Review Group (PRG) has, after receiving “divided opinion”, made…

We can’t allow terror to disrupt our democracy

Holding to account those responsible for keeping us safe has never been more crucial, writes Finn Judge

Question Time: Corbyn falls for May’s traps on spending plans, national security

The Labour and Conservative leaders gave diminished performances as they faced the York audience

Question Time York: Corbyn and May come to blows on Hes East

The York Politics Society will be screening the event from D-Bar at 8pm

Tuesday 9 May 2017

The PM’s regressive PR strategy silences debate

Finn Judge states the case that when the Prime Minister refuses to engage in any televised debates with opposition leaders, she denies any challenge