Euan Brook

Euan has written 9 articles for Nouse

Review: The Meg

Euan Brook wishes this giant shark film had more bite though it still offers some old fashioned B-movie charm

Review: The Strangers: Prey at Night

Euan Brook finds some merit in the trashiness of this horror sequel

Review: A Quiet Place

Euan Brook finds John Krasinski’s horror an enjoyable experience, but with wasted potential

Review: The Disaster Artist

Euan Brook is left unimpressed by James Franco’s cinematic retelling of the making of one of the best-worst movies of all time

Metropolis at 90

Euan Brook looks back at one of the all-time classics of science fiction filmmaking

Review: Mother!

Euan Brook finds an almost perfect storm in Mother!’s descent into paranoia and sickness

Review: It

Euan Brook finds a perfectly performed, well-written coming-of-age story spoiled by tired horror-movie clichés and a not-so-scary killer clown

Review: Alone in Berlin

An adaptation with potential, but one which fails to deliver on its narrative tension and emotion

In Retrospect: Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game

                    With a certain much-hyped game coming out this month, I…