Ellie Rice

Comment Editor (2013/14)

Ellie has written 31 articles for Nouse

A STYCy situation

Imagine being alone in an unfamiliar city, far too drunk to know which ways what, or to text an SOS…

Clubbing Guides: Ziggy’s

Mansion, better known to us all as Ziggy’s, is the first club to come under our freshers microscope. Ellie Rice provides the low-down on the sports clubs’ favourite haunt

The serious stuff: Support options on campus

Going to university is an extremely exciting part of anyone’s life, but sometimes things do go wrong. Ellie Rice makes sure you know which way to turn, whether you’re being affected by homesickness, bullying or drugs

A weather whinge

At least it isn’t raining? No, at least the rain doesn’t make Britain bonkers. The sun comes out, and the…

Summer going home, but I’m staying put

As the academic year draws to a close, the standard conventional ice breaker becomes “So, what are you doing for…

Trends: The Summer Ball Dress

Have you not sorted your Summer Ball dress yet? Fear not as Ellie Rice takes you through a range of price options that will ensure you’re hitting all this season’s trends

Finding the funding

It has recently come to light that University funding per capita for YUSU has been in decline for the past…

Changing Gigs

Ellie Rice compars glitzy high-cost shows and small intimate gigs

York Needs Feminism

Comprised of a helping of YUSU, a dash of Amnesty International, and a sprinkle of women’s committee, those in charge represent a feisty threesome? with big ideas

Consume with care

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us have no idea where our clothes are made. If we really cared,…

Live Review: Beyoncé

Arguably the biggest name in music today is currently playing a sold out UK tour, and Ellie Rice was there to witness

The Boston Marathon and the Social Media effect

The truth is beautiful thing, and seeing the way people have reacted to such an event and its presentation is a privilege of living in a world of interactive media