Ed Schwitzer

Ed has written 6 articles for Nouse

The Israel-Palestine conflict is changing

The latest spate of violence between Israel and Gaza is in many ways just part of the same narrative

The West must look at Syria differently

The way the debate on Syria is portrayed in the West is overly simplistic and thus unhelpful. Ignoring the concerns of other countries is dangerous because they are raising legitimate problems

We must come to a peace in Afghanistan

The recent tragic deaths of two more British servicemen in Afghanistan highlighted the precarious situation the British continue to find themselves in Afghanistan

Mayoral election not worth the name

The candidates’ burning desire to solve the problems affecting Londoners or wealth of knowledge were apparent in the recent mayoral debates

The West must intervene in a more sustainable way

The West must adopt a more sustainable, consistent approach to foreign policy if it is to ever have a positive effect in the long-term

The West only acts in its interests

On the face of it recent events in the Middle East might be cause for some optimism. Instead of the horrific mess that emerged from the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, recent Western interventionism seems to be gaining more positive results, however, looking closer reveals a different story

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