Chloe Kent

Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

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CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should there be a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU?

YES – Chloe Kent Theresa May has maintained that there will, unquestionably, be no second referendum on the UK’s EU…

Top 5 Horror Films of the Decade so Far

In honour of Halloween, Chloe Kent recommends five recently released horror films

Back to Black

The Film & TV team take a look at the new Netflix rendition of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror

The case of Ched Evans shows that our society still has a troubling view of rape

Chloe Kent argues that the rape acquittal of Ched Evans reveals latent misogyny in our society

Review: Swiss Army Man

Arthouse cadaver comedy Swiss Army Man an unexpected delight, says Chloe Kent

Review: My Scientology Movie

Chloe Kent examines Louis Theroux’s feature length debut, and ponders the lighthearted nature of the piece

Trigger warnings have a place in society

Trigger warnings have been unfairly demonised by the mainstream narrative: they’re meant to protect people without stifling debate

Review: Don’t Breathe

Chloe Kent offers a rave review of Don’t Breathe, the sophomore offering of Fede Alvarez

Some experiences are worth filming

Entertainment company Yondr are locking our phones at concerts so that we may ‘more enjoy the moment’. Who on Earth do they think they are?

Review: The Neon Demon

Chloe Kent finds The Neon Demon visually stunning, but prioritising style over substance

Television in turmoil: How Brexit could see the industry suffer

Chloe Kent ponders the risks to film and television associated with leaving the European Union

2016 in Film: Half-Way Point

Lauren McNeilage, Chloe Kent, Charlie Thacker, Mark Curran, Coco Clements, Angel Lloyd and Louis Chilton choose some of the finest aspects of 2016 film so far