Charlie Ralph

Charlie has written 9 articles for Nouse

When Broadway Was In The Spotlight

Charlie Ralph looks back at the brief post-Hamilton Broadway boom

Confronting The Past

Charlie Ralph states the importance of engaging with the works of artists in the Holocaust

Logan Paul, apologies, and content without politics

Charlie Ralph attempts to clarify what is so troubling about the controversy surrounding so many YouTube celebrities

Dramasoc’s Spring Season Announced

It’s getting very political down at The Drama Barn next Spring as Charlie Ralph gives us a full rundown of next semester’s shows

Theatre Review: Bassett

A group of badly-behaved students are locked in a classroom while racial tensions boil outside. What could go wrong? Charlie Ralph heads to The Drama Barn to find out

Review: Mindhunter, Episode 3

Charlie Ralph takes a closer look at Mindhunter’s detective duo

Have You Heard These People Sing?: The Lesser-Known Classics of Modern Broadway

Hundreds of musicals come out every year, so how come so few become staples of theatre nerd Spotify playlists? Charlie Ralph delves into the deeper cuts of recent Broadway history

Review: Mindhunter, Episode 2

Charlie Ralph finds that Mindhunter is starting to hit top gear

Review: Mindhunter, Episode 1

Charlie Ralph delves into Netflix’s new serial killer drama, with one David Fincher behind the camera