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Deputy Editor (2010/11)

Camilla has written 125 articles for Nouse

Graduating from Glee

As some of Glee‘s principal characters are set to leave the programme, Camilla Apcar reviews who will be missed…and who won’t

YUSU confirm £2.2 million Student Centre expansion

The YUSU Student Centre in James College will undergo an estimated £2.2million expansion over the summer holiday period

Faking the Fight

Talking to the people behind World Wrestling Entertainment Camilla Apcar finds out why watching fake fights is better than the real deal

ISA to help internationalise campus

The International Students’ Association (ISA) will be launching its Global Initiative Fund this week to provide support to students or societies who would like “to embark on a project that would internationalise the campus”

United Kingdom

Devon, Cardigan Bay, Brighton, Dalby Forest, Newcastle, Bute

York win croquet at a Cantor

Brian Cantor, Greg Dyke and Tim Ngwena overcame their Lancastrian counterparts in the croquet to trigger further White Rose success

Wins for all three of York’s squash teams

The men’s squash firsts, the men’s squash seconds and the women’s squash firsts all enjoyed wins on the Saturday of Roses

Twenty-First Century Habits

Camilla Apcar speaks to some of York’s most empowered women

The Samoan time travellers

As of 27 December 2011, South Pacific island Samoa will change its time zone

Increasing PhD led seminars will hamper undergraduates

Undergraduates and PhD students alike will suffer from inevitable department cuts, requiring more PhD students to teach seminars and tutorials

Lack of online voting for RAG elections criticised

This year’s RAG Committee elections has faced criticism from the candidates as the voting system was by paper ballot only, and not all were fully aware of the election rules

Trending Topic: #obl

Osama bin Laden’s death has proven the power and immediate reach of social media – but has social media backed up a political point as well?