Benjamin Burns

Former Acting Fashion Editor

Benjamin has written 6 articles for Nouse

The Cold List

A selection of cosy luxuries to indulge in for the Winter months

The Enemy Within

Men’s fashion journalism chooses to regurgitate and recycle an uninspiring, threadbare and flaccid view of menswear

Travel Writing: The Gorbals, Los Angeles.

As the first snow falls in North Yorkshire, it’s time for a travel piece to make us dream of what the Americans can offer

Richard Kilroy: The Force of Illustration

One of contemporary fashion illustration’s most pivotal figures

HIV awareness campaigns should raise awareness

It confuses me why some MSM targeted awareness campaigns treat life with the virus as a walk in the park

Rosemary Swift: The Organic Beauty Myth

Legendary make-up artist Rosemary Swift speaks to Ben Burns about the beauty industry being far from ‘natural’