Andrew Young

Andrew has written 30 articles for Nouse

Putting the Spotlight On Shorts

The Film & TV team pick out six of the very best films from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017, covering refugees, abduction, monks and satanic sex cults in the process

All About Aesthetica

Andrew Young rounds up another Aesthetica, from the funny to the moving, from the thrilling to the bizarre

Aesthetica 2017: Day Five

Aesthetica 2017 is over and Nouse has the coverage from the final day of films

Aesthetica 2017: Day Four

Aesthetica hits full swing as the weekend arrives and the films keep coming

Preview: The Enchanted Screen

Christmas is coming, and so is a new season of films across Picturehouse Cinemas

Aesthetica 2017: Day One

Aesthetica is back and it kicks off with a day of memorable shorts

Review: The Florida Project

Andrew Young enthuses over Sean Baker’s triumphant new film

Top 5 Sequels Better Than the Original

In the light of Blade Runner 2049’s success, the team look back on some of the all-time great sequels

Finding London’s Finest

Andrew Young reports back from the London Film Festival

Review: Blade Runner 2049

It’s finally here, and it doesn’t disappoint, writes Andrew Young

Masters of Sex

Andrew Young looks at the enduring appeal of two landmark portrayals of sex on screen

Cheap Laughs – Comedy Clubs at the Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe’s comedy output is exciting, vibrant – and enormous. Andrew Young looks back over his Fringe experience and offers some sage advice on how to make the most of the many laughs on offer