Andrew Knowles

Andrew has written 21 articles for Nouse

The case for drug legalisation

The global war on drugs led by the United States (and largely attributed to Richard Nixon) has been a monumental…

Latest prison reforms will cause more harm than good

A successful penal system should be weighted towards rehabilitation; making sure that prisoners don’t get trapped in the revolving door of re-offending

The Big Bad Apple

Andrew Knowles outlines why he will never buy into the Apple brand

In defence of footballers’ wages

Andrew Knowles argues the case in favour of the massive pay packets enjoyed by the Premier League’s top performers

Requiem for the failing social

Spare a thought for failed socials, as you stroll across campus at night, passing groups of waterfowl, and ponder about all the events that might be happening right now. I’m not talking here about those nights filled with laughter, drink, and streams of new faces; I’m talking here about the scrawny little twin of those bar crawls: the crap social

Back in our day

Millions of years of almost miraculous evolution has created the most intelligent, adventurous and questioning organism ever, but now much of the species spends large chunks of the time, apparently happily, sitting down and soaking up a torrent of mind-numbing ‘entertainment’ and sensationalised news

Flattening out the playing fields

But I believe that when it comes to education, fairness should always trump concerns about choice and personal freedoms

Advertising, brands, and children

Not all products are evil, but the unique psychology of young people is being exploited in the name of profit through the endless flow of advertisements and marketing

Shop ’til you drop

The global economy is absolutely obsessed and dependent on growth