Anand Goyal

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The EU is failing all in the refugee crisis

Far right solutions are abhorrent, while EU solutions are cruelly ineffective. The Mediterranean refugee crisis needs new focus

The most unpopular election in US history

Trump and Clinton are both electoral poison: US electorate, be very afraid

ESPN were correct to sack Curt Schilling

‘Bathroom Bills’ and their proponents champion damagingly regressive ideas, removing protection from those who need it most

Feel the Bern: the Democratic desire for a revolution

Bernie Sanders just crushed Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire democratic primary, by a margin of 22 per cent

Donald Trump – more pantomine politics

The inanity of the GOP debates only serves to prove Trump’s status as a professional wind-up merchant, not a serious politician

Call off the Hunt, stand with the junior doctors

Government demands on our junior doctors are unrealistic and untenable