Alexander Woodward

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Ejection spoils American Football

LAST YEAR’S CLOSE match between these two sides couldn’t be matched this year as Lancaster came out with a comfortable…

Stalemate in the Varsity Hockey

HALIFAX AND COLLINGWOOD shared the points in the hockey A Varsity match after a 1-1 draw, a score that reflected…

Grid Kids new face of Formula One rebrand

Alex Woodward analyses Formula One’s massive overhaul as the sport searches for modernisation

Super Bowl fever descends upon Minnesota

A preview of the end to the NFL season: Super Bowl LII, featuring Justin Timberlake and chicken wings

Government hopes to enshrine Brexit date in law

The British government set out plans to enshrine the date that Britain leaves the European Union into law. Theresa May…


Senior Republicans fear that President Trump’s personal gaffes are distracting attention from actual policy, and thus dam-aging their party. After…