Vanbrugh most popular college as Halifax flounders

Image: DS Pugh

More than double the amount of rooms available in Vanbrugh were applied for as first preference by new undergraduates – while only 28 per cent of Halifax rooms were accounted for.

After a Freedom of Information request (FOI) was filed by Nouse to the University, figures were released on first-preference applications to each college for this academic year. 5222 of these applications were made – with more than one in five students opting for Vanbrugh.

‘En-suite elite’ Alcuin, with its reputation as a quieter college near the University library, was the second most popular college, fetching in 786 first-preference applications. Derwent scored a close third – just behind Alcuin. James, placed fifth with only 409 first-preference applications, was in some ways surprising: it had featured in this year’s Times’ Higher Education Survey’s top 30 student halls. This was alongside Langwith, receiving 741 first preferences, and Derwent. However, James is the most expensive college, with a 40week let for en suite, catered accommodation costing £7150 per year.

The two least popular colleges, Halifax and Constantine, attracted only 289 and 379 first-preference applications respectively. Both situated the farthest from their respective parts of campus, living in these colleges can make for more time consuming commutes to lectures and social activities.

Roman Rojik, President of the Halifax College Student Association, said to Nouse that: “These statistics are based on the presumptions of applicants. Once one does research they find that Halifax is never the closest college to their lectures and is fairly isolated from other colleges. This is a negligible distance, both in literal and figurative terms. Halifax is connected with other colleges and the whole University. What it also offers is economy accommodation that is a noticeable advantage once the year starts and students discover their expenditure.”

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