Top 35 in BUCS is a pipedream for York Sport

Image: Ben Wright and YUSU

With York finishing the year in 46th place with 850.5 points and a win rate of 42 per cent. It begs the question whether York has achieved everything it has wanted to over the year. When YUSU elections were the talk of campus, the York Sport President nominees had one common theme in each of their manifestos, wherein they would comment on how they wanted York to make it into the top 35 on the BUCS league table.

York has 65 teams in the BUCS league programme of 2016-17, and has secured 276 wins so far, with 348 defeats and 40 draws.Several teams this year have accomplished more than expected and some less, with some narrowly miss-ing out on their goals. One team is the men’s 1s volleyball team, already very successful in their competitions, moving up to the Northern 1A league this season, but narrowly missing out on beating their rivals Liverpool in their final match of the season, as they fall to 3rd place drawing with Manchester on 15 points. While the women’s 1s and 2s volleyball teams have only lost one game each respectively. Several teams have achieved highly in their competitions throughout the BUCS season, like the women’s Rugby Un-ion teams, losing three games between them.

When speaking to the women’s rugby team about their aims for the beginning of the year, they had hoped to “finish in competitive positions in [their] leagues, with an emphasis on developing a club style of play that was aggressive, fast paced and high intensity”. The standard of the Women’s Rugby Club really rose as a whole over the year. Sasha, the current President of UYWRUFC said that as “the 1st XVI season wore on, the goal became to get as many points on the board as possible – a 110-0 win against Northumbria for example”. The technical expertise of the women within the club became apparent through their crushing victories of others in the Northern BUCS league.

Sasha also remarked how she was “thrilled” that they finished so well in the league as this was the first time that they were able to get a 2nd XVI in a BUCS league. With futsal and lacrosse bring-ing up the rear of the University of York league table, with losses in all of their matches for women’s 1s and 2s futsal. It makes you wonder how these York sport nominees were planning on executing these plans with the current University in the 35th spot bringing in 1068 points overall, were there specific sports they were hoping would bring up the overall tally?

This year, York has done worse than in previous years, ranking in the 15/16 season in 40th place with 907 points, but with the team in 35th place only scoring 1026.5 points, and then the 14/15 season ended with the University in 35th place with 891.5 points, suggest-ing that the bars have been lower in previous years. Not only this, but the University of York in the 14/15 season had a much higher chance of getting into the top 35 in this year finishing up in 36th place. Maybe suggesting that the York Sport President nominees’ manifestos were a tad outdated. The implications of this is that York has to try and catch up in some way with the other sporting teams at other universities because the standard is beginning to be raised higher and higher.

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