Loz looking forward to a promising year

Image: Maria Kalinowska

Laura Carruthers is the incoming York Sport President, taking over the mantle from Isaac Beevor. Her manifesto was encouraging and wide-ranging, encompassing a large range of ideas. As women 1s lacrosse captain, tournament secretary, a catchy rhyming slogan, “Cos there ain’t no others like Carruthers” and an enthusiastic attitude, she succeeded in winning the sport presidential election.

Her focus on the relationship between mental health and sport and the importance of inclusivity and awareness were key points in her manifesto, and when speaking to her about this, she stressed the “mental and physical benefits of participating in sport”, and the idea that “you never know what is going on in someone else’s mind”. Laura said that she had spoken to people on BUCS Wednesdays, but had no idea of the things they were battling themselves. The link between mental health in sport is so important to stress considering that these kind of illnesses are a “fact of life nowadays”. Instead of ignoring them, bringing this kind of awareness to light is important and is “really going to help”. Carruthers is following on from incumbent York Sport President, and she said that he has “laid some really good groundwork” for the awareness and fundraising for mental health, something she hopes to continue in her own presidency.

Carruthers was especially excited to bring to life her ideas for College Varsity. Her suggestion is that we apply a similar formula to Varsity as we do Roses. She emphasises the idea that it would be nice to give “college sport people that same feeling” as university level athletes do at Roses. Her aim is to make College Varsity a two-day long event, “an expanded, better Varsity”. Support from the Durham Sport Union would be required to make this work, but if this idea were to go through, it would provide great scope for “variations in the turnout for college sport” as they really deserve to have the same level of university-wide support that is seen at Roses.

The variation in support for sports across the board is something she wants to look into changing, and making sure that people have good turnouts at matches is something that is great for morale both for people at college and university- level sport alike. Something else that Carruthers will be bringing to the table is her insistence on hassle free kit orders.

Changing the kit provider from Surridge may help to provide greater efficiency. Carruthers emphasised how people are currently “ordering their kit in Freshers’ week and [are] not able to wear it until near the end of BUCS season”. Laura also wants a change of kit style to white colouring, to tie in with the “Roses are White” slogan. This sense of unity is key in suggesting that “we are one York”. As one of the tournament secretaries this year, Carruthers is already in the know of the ins and outs of York Sport Union.

Preparation is key, but “an element of spontaneity is never bad”. All in all, Carruthers says that she is “very excited to get started” and is “optimistic that [she] can carry the baton well”. She will be working with the next YUSU President Alex Urqhart to create a selection of university-wide sporting events, and I am excited to see what happens next year.

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