Beevor reinstills confidence in York Sport

Image: Ben Wright and YUSU

With the end of the year drawing to a close, Isaac Beevor’s role as York Sport President will also be coming to an end. Laura Carruthers will be taking over his position in YUSU, after winning the position in the YUSU elections, beating out the other candidates with a great campaign. Looking back on his year, Beevor managed to pass several elements of his manifesto with ease, when further looking into them, policies which I would have originally thought he would have struggled to do due to money and other reasons, he was in fact able to do. Carruthers is excited to carry the baton for herself, but Isaac Beevor still has a couple more weeks as York Sport Union President, and in the interim it is interesting to look back on Beevor’s policies and see what he has been able to achieve.

I wasn’t a student when Isaac Beevor was running his original campaign for Sport President, but looking back on campaign videos of him rapping with Stormzy backup music and a slogan of “Beevzy 4 York Sport President”, it’s clear how he appealed to the general student population. As well as mentioning the idea of a College Sport card providing discounted club entry for clubs, discounts on going out is obviously going to appeal to most people. These cards seemed like a good idea in practice, but they seemed to have been harder to acquire than previously mentioned in his original manifesto. Just joining a college sport won’t allow you to get the card, you obviously have to apply in order to be eligible; not all college sports get them automatically.

There is a general theme running through most Sport President manifestos – one of inclusivity, awareness and sociability. I would argue that in Isaac’s time as Sports President, he managed to achieve quite a lot of the things on his manifesto. From the expansion of equal opportunities, it’s clear that Isaac provided a vast social media presence. His weekly sports emails kept everyone in a continual loop concerning what was happening on campus, and was all in all a helpful service. Various ‘Give It A Go’ weeks happening throughout the year meant that people could get involved on a regular basis, providing new opportunities for involvement and socialising.

Laura and Isaac’s manifestos had similarities showing that the students at the University of York know what areas of sport would benefit from extra attention, mostly concerning mental health, a key part of Laura’s manifesto in particular. With a Roses celebration revolving around the charity MIND, the awareness surrounding this issue has been central throughout the past sporting season. While people have varying opinions on the presence of MIND and mental health at Roses, the centrality was essential in demonstrating key issues that needed to be addressed on campus. Beevor’s awareness and fundraising for mental health was central to his year as Sport President. While he only slightly stressed it in his original campaign, it ended up being on a whole new level of awareness and inclusivity. The Roses player profiles gave a whole new level to illuminating mental illness, providing people with the opportunity to give their own personal stories and allowing people to realise they weren’t alone in using sport as a way to help them deal with their mental illnesses.

With Roses being held on home ground this year, the chances of York coming away victorious was highly likely. Beevor’s presence in the games was helpful in providing a friendly face for people attending matches that they maybe hadn’t attended before. All in all, Beevor’s year as York Sport President has been a successful one, and I’m sure a winning streak of success within the sport section of YUSU can be continued with the sport presidency of Laura Carruthers.

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