An ode to the ‘gap yah’ travel style

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Credit: Moyan Brenn

The gap year or traveller student can usually be spotted from a mile off; colourful shirts, harem pants, rubbish t-shirts. This style has often been slated, but in reality it should be celebrated for its comfort level and wild designs. Style is often viewed as one’s personality, and this particular style shows off a person’s wanderlust.

After all, you do not want to be smothered by skinny jeans in the heat or offending the local people in a tiny crop top whilst travelling amongst the remote parts of Asia. These clothes offer a sense of relief from the boiling hot sun, so you can actually enjoy exploring the wonderful streets of Latin America. It is also important to always respect the local culture and this style offers an easy solution to that.

Style ideas include matching a lovely maxi skirt with a plain shirt for a chic, girly look. Harem pants with an intricate design would go nicely with a typical, graphic souvenir t-shirt. A shirt with a myriad of colours will style suitably with shorts for the boys.

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Credit: israeltourism

Whilst wandering across these various cities, there is nothing more fun than finding a bargain at the local market. These markets bolster an eccentric supply of comfortable travel wear in an array of colours and patterns. Mixing and matching the calamitous designs is all a part of the enjoyment of styling a typical outfit. You can spend hours exploring these mazes and finding stylish outfits that can also be made easily wearable when you are back home, or else just keep them to wear around the house. Best of all, these finds are usually so cheap, at only a couple of pounds, and act as the perfect souvenir to take back home with you. Make the most of your travels and try out the local food whilst you’re there.

Embracing the culture is one of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling and there is no better way of doing this than bringing back some of the local designs back with you.

Don’t forget your backpack whilst finding yourself in your travels.

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