Question Time York: Corbyn and May come to blows on Hes East

The York Politics Society will be screening the event from D-Bar at 8pm

Image: University of York

The Ron Cooke Hub will tonight host the leaders special of Question Time for the 2017 General Election – the final live Q&A of the election cycle.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will not face each other directly, but will go up against the same audience separately.

Police presence is heavy throughout Heslington East, and students are advised to carry their student ID with them on campus at all times.

A rally is expected to take place on Hes East in support of Jeremy Corbyn, with participation from The People’s Assembly and the University’s Socialist Society – and Corbyn is believed to have acknowledged the event. Nouse will be live-streaming the proceeds once they begin.

Screenings of the Question Time episode will be shown throughout the University, with the York Politics Society and UoY Campus Bars collaborating to put on an event in D-Bar from 8pm.

It is believed that today’s news of the U.S. removal from the Paris Climate Change Accord, as well as the charging of South Thanet Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay for electoral expenses, will feature in the live Q&A.

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  1. “students are advised to carry their student ID with them on campus at all times”

    Why? The University campus is a public space, and access is not limited to students. I understand the need for tighter security at an event of this scale, but this security should not come at the cost of restricting the public’s ability to attend and peacefully protest outside this event.

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