Roses Saturday: Full Report


Before the start of Saturday, York were in the lead from Friday’s events and by the end of the day, this has turned into a 21-point lead.

With a day lasting longer than 12 hours, with over 60 fixtures, it was always going to be a close call on who would end the day with the most points.
The day started off with Sailing at 8am which resulted in a win for both Lancaster and York, winning 4 points for Lancaster, and 2 points for York.

Some shock results happened throughout the day, one most apparent to people might be the Swimming results, which saw York losing both fixtures to Lancaster. While it wasn’t a complete ‘red-wash’ as some Lancastrians have been referring to it, York were most likely expecting, or at least hoping for a win on home ground. With a score in the Women’s fixture of 68-71, and 64-76 in the Men’s, it was clear it was a very close call for the overall victors of both the matches, Lancaster.

Another slight disappointment for York today was the Men’s Rugby fixtures, in which York ended up losing all 3 of their matches today. The Rugby League 1s lost to Lancaster 10-36, while the Rugby Union teams narrowly miss out on wins, with the 2s team coming in just one point behind Lancaster at 30-31, and the 3s team came in at 17-23 to Lancaster.

Despite the losses for the men, the women’s rugby team came out on top. The Rugby Union Women’s 2s team competed against Lancaster and won with an immense result of 48-0 to York, not allowing Lancaster to score a single try. For the 2s team, this was their first ever season competing at BUCS and what a way to round off their winning season. Tomorrow will allow for the Women’s Rugby 1s team, fresh off a whole season of victories, to show their worth against Lancaster, which will hopefully lead to another win for Women’s Rugby.

As well as a lot of sports fixtures, Saturday came with fixtures for mooting, which York successfully won, Debating and University Challenge, again with clear victories for York.

Dance had a very exciting day at York today with all 5 fixtures, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Street. All performances today were extremely beautiful, and I can definitely see how it must have been difficult for the judges to pick a winner between Lancaster and York.

In a shock result, the York Men’s 1s Volleyball team ended up losing the fixture against Lancaster. While people were going crazy, both in the audience as well as us patiently waiting in the media room for updates and results, Lancaster managed to take it back in a deciding 5th set playing to 15 points.

This result felt like the opposite of the basketball victory of last night, where it was Lancaster turning it around in the final moments of the match. It was an extremely tense match with York losing the first set, then winning the second set, the points were coming in hot and fast, and everyone was waiting on tender hooks to wait for the result of the final set.

Throughout the last set, York took a 3-point lead, and for a minute, it looked like they were going to be able to do it. As we all started showing a bit of ‘cautious optimism’ as our editor put it, the Lancs stormed ahead, and they then quickly gained 7 points in succession. Then again, did it seem like York might be able to gain back the set as they began to draw at 11-11. Unfortunately, in the end it was a defeat of 15-12 to Lancaster.

Despite this loss, York have finished the day with a result of 136 and 119 to Lancaster. Anything could happen tomorrow as many more fixtures are to come.

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