Voting Corbyn is the only way to stop the Tory regime

Disliking Corbyn isn’t a good enough reason to vote elsewhere and hand the Tories victory, argues

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And she does it again. Yes, Prime Minister Theresa May issues another self-contradiction as this week she announced a snap General Election to take place on 8th June. This is the same person who was once part of the Remain affiliation and who magically became a Leave supporter. The same person who claimed there wouldn’t be a snap general election, and now there is one. This is in no way random; it is a deliberate act of vengeance and self-assurance. This election forms part of May’s plan to become the ultimate power party in aiming to see the eradication of the opposition. We have already seen it with the Conservatives crumbling funding towards the NHS (a Labour creation) which was a deliberate ploy to downplay the achievements of the opposition. And now we will see it in June as the election comes at a time when the opposition are at their most vulnerable.

The Conservative poll rating currently stands at 44 per cent and Labour are practically half of that. May knows she will succeed; this is precisely why she has formulated this as part of her plan. She knows she doesn’t need to have any campaign as the ratings are too good, hence her failure to cooperate in televised debates. The sheer cowardice and self-assurance of it all is enough to make anyone’s blood boil.

She has covered this up with shaky reasoning claiming the election is needed because the opposition might oppose future Brexit proposals which could interfere in a smooth leave from the EU. The Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn announced weeks ago that they had accepted that Britain was going to leave the EU and they would support a Brexit which would be able to deliver the best opportunities to the majority. There is simply no evidence that the opposition wanted to stand in the way of Brexit delivery.

If the Tories bag a majority, we can be assured that the next five years will be ramped up in austerity, cuts and the poorest of society will again, be hit the hardest. With an NHS already crumbling and social housing failing as well as our schools, and we won’t even have the support of the EU as backup. She also claimed this is needed to create stability in Westminster, but there is never going to be stability in Westminster for as long as alternatives to the Tory party exist, what would be the point in stability? There is no such thing as stability in politics! So, it seems her given reasoning has been fabricated to cover up her planned, idealised regime.

There is no point in hiding, Labour have been declining ever since the election of Corbyn as leader. For once, the leadership debate needs to be ignored if we are to kick the Tories out of power and put Labour into government, where they belong. It doesn’t matter what you think about Corbyn, the main goal for the Labour party should be to forget about their leader (temporarily, at least) and focus on getting into power. You may be tempted to vote for the EU singing Lib Dems, but just remember the cowardly five years they spent in power with the Tories and their failure to stand up to Conservative cuts. Remember Nick Clegg and Tim Farron’s current regressive views on abortion and same sex relationships.

It would simply be embarrassing if Labour lost its votes to the Lib Dems. Disliking Corbyn isn’t a good enough reason to let the Tories win, leadership can come later. We need to focus on forming a vision that opposes the supermajority planned by May. Today we have seen a cunningly deliberate act of political covetousness which is going to take the strength of all Labour members and supporters if we are to resist. We must resist, and we will. If the Tories resume power next June, it can almost be guaranteed that the 48 per cent who voted Remain will be categorically ignored; there will be no room for those who oppose the Tory regime.


  1. “I hate the Tory’s because I care about the poor and voted remain. I must be the most progressive and nicest person that has walked the earth. Everyone who is old is backward.”
    Oh the regressive left and chronological snobbery. What bull.

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    • 21 Apr ’17 at 8:41 pm

      Violet Daniels

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I find calling my own opinion, ‘bull’ particularly offensive and inconsiderate. Simply calling someone’s opinion ‘bull’ is a demonstration of how regressive your own thinking must be. Indeed, it’s quite ironic considering the nature of your own comment. You make assumptions and broad generalisations about the Left which are quite simply, inaccurate and simple minded. I knew that writing this article may cause disagreement and that would be fair, as I support constructive criticism and debate on all sides. However your comment is purely offensive, insulting and doesn’t benefit anyone.

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  2. This is a short sighted article

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  3. Good article , if you want to beat the tories voting Lab is the only way. The so called ‘progressive’ alliance will not work and will split the vote. The tactical voting which comes up every election just confuses everyone.

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