Q&A: Convoy

Fashion designer Convoy works for Tokyo-based shop ‘Dog’, frequented by the likes of Skrillex and Lady Gaga

Translation by Khyati Katkoria

What made you choose a fashion-related career? What inspired you from the very beginning to get involved in the fashion industry?

When I was younger a magazine called Tune was in publication, it was a ‘street-snap’ magazine. In there I saw a snap of the previous manager of Dog and thought his fashion was cool. Oh, that’s it really. From then on, I decided to take up fashion as a career.

What kind of clothes do you sell at Dog? How do they set you apart from other stores?

Because here at Dog we make our own clothes, essentially that’s what sets us apart from other furugiya (stores selling second hand items of clothing including vintage clothes). On top of that, the stuff we make has a really fierce and powerful vibe.

Do you have any competition in Harajuku [the district where Dog is based]?

We don’t have any competition in Harajuku. Actually, we don’t have any competition across the world. Dog is just Dog.

Does Dog sell any of your own designs? Explain your thought process behind one of them.

Yeah, Dog does sell some of my designs. For example, I painted on this denim jacket with an air brush. This whole piece is inspired by Japanese kabuki (old Japanese performance style) and I’ve stuck Swarovski crystals on it. This is probably one of my best pieces of work, I would say it’s quite a strong piece.

I’ve heard that lots of famous people such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Skrillex and Karlie Kloss visit the store. Has this influenced the styles of clothing you sell at Dog?

No, not at all. We haven’t changed what we sell at all. Despite those famous people visiting the store, we haven’t made any customised pieces of clothing for any of them. We just continue and go on to make clothes we think are cool. We don’t change what we make to fit other people.

Do you think Japanese fashion will become popular worldwide?

If it’s how it is now then no. At the moment Harajuku fashion is definitely not in the position to become popular worldwide. Because there is no sense of individuality in styles anymore. If in the future people with a greater sense of individuality increase like how they were in the past then it’s possible that Harajuku will gain worldwide attention. At the moment it’s impossible for sure.

What does the future hold for Dog and you?

It’ll become more successful. I would like to continue with my work at Dog. I’m not really looking to expand the store into more branches. I would just like to continue to make these kinds of unique and powerful items of clothing.


1. ファッション関係の仕事をしようと思ったきっかけは何ですか?
2. Dogでどんな服を売っていますか?他のお店と比べてどう違いますか?
3. 原宿に競合店はありますか?
4. DogでConvoyさんがデザインした服は売っていますか?その服について説明してください。
5. Dogに色々な有名人が来ていると聞きましたが、そのことによって販売している服のスタイルを変えましたか?
6. 日本のファッションは海外で人気になる可能性がありますか?
7. 将来のDogは?


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