Investigation ongoing into missing Goodricke funds

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University officials have confirmed there is an ongoing investigation by the North Yorkshire Police regarding an incident that occurred during the tenure of last academic year’s Goodricke Junior Common Room Committee.

The incident in question involved a sum of around £2000 going missing during the process of transferring funds from Goodricke JCRC to YUSU.

This incident raises concerns over the security of how student activities are run, namely on a ‘cash economy’ with no access to electronic forms of monetary transfer. Following this event, Goodricke Head of College Matt Matravers said: “When something happens it is incumbent on us to review procedures. That won’t be done until the current incident is closed. My instinct is that a cash economy is inevitable in some areas and that for the most it works well.”

Regarding a potential shift from a cash economy to a more easily regulated system of fiscal organisation, such as the accompaniment of a second independent person, Matt Matravers said the cost to the freedom of student-run activities “would be grossly disproportionate” to the risk that independently run fiscal elements of student activities pose.

“I am confident that students are in general honest and the vast majority of those who volunteer to help run colleges, sports clubs, and so on, that I have met in 22 years at York have been great people with whom it has been a pleasure to work.” Matt Matravers stated “We should not ‘legislate’ for exceptions, but of course we will need to look at procedures once we know what has happened in this instance.”

It is difficult to establish any further details about this incident during the ongoing police investigation.

When pressed for comment, YUSU President Millie Beach confirmed that: “The accounts held between YUSU and the colleges are confidential and can only be disclosed at the discretion of the college JCRC or CSA”

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  1. Aside from the issue of cash vs digital economies, the question remains about the opaqueness of YUSU / College accounts. Seems to be part and parcel of a general lack of accountability.

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