Album Review: Gameshow – Two Door Cinema Club

After three long years, the doors of the most famous cinema club have reopened, and we can get you in for free; it’s not who you know, it’s What You Know, writes

IMAGE: Album Artwork

IMAGE: Album Artwork

Rating:  ★★★☆☆

In the current music climate, with house and pop music swamping the charts week after week, it’s too easy as a band to slide down into oblivion and risk becoming one of those one-hit wonder groups. But Northern Irish indie band Two Door Cinema Club are refusing to slide. Instead they’re using their third album, Gameshow, as a rocket to propel them back to the top of the charts.

So, what’s Gameshow like? Any TDCC fan would tell you to expect the unexpected. ‘Invincible’, ‘Fever’ and ‘Gameshow’ harbour sounds that we’ve come to expect from TDCC, but then suddenly you’re hit with something completely new. For instance, Alex Trimble’s newfound high voice; in every track the lead vocalist reaches levels never heard from TDCC. But these falsettos are apparently nothing new, or so Trimble claimed on BBC Radio 1’s Gameshow preview. Re-listening to tracks from Tourist History and Beacon though, you’d beg to differ.

However, the falsettos and style changes are exactly what makes Gameshow, and TDCC so great. They are a group that have defined themselves by defining themselves, changing their style from album to album without allowing their quality to wane; ‘Are We Ready? (Wreck)’, ‘Lavender’ and ‘Ordinary’ are potentially as good as ‘What You Know’.

Like Trimble’s voice, Two Door Cinema Club are reaching new heights with their third album Gameshow, and the new songs threaten to topple the band’s previous hits off their plinths, sending them tumbling out through the two doors of this cinema club.

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