With Trump’s election, the United States has regressed 60 years

argues that Trump’s victory is the result of widespread political disillusionment and reveals deep-seated divisions within the US

Image: Violet Daniels

Image: Violet Daniels

In 50 years’ time, people will look back on this day and wonder how a country that, within its constitution, claims that every citizen is guaranteed equal opportunity, could ever elect the seemingly unelectable. A man who embodies everything against that constitution- a man who throughout his life has been called racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, a man who believes climate change is fiction. They will all look back on this day, they will analyse the polls and scrutinise Clinton’s campaign and come up with plausible theories to why she failed to deliver and how the world could have possibly gotten to this point. But right now, we can’t think of the future, as we are and always will be, living in the present.

America can no longer be called the land of opportunity; those days are long gone. Unfortunately, Americans are now going to face repercussions of every kind, which stem from Trump’s egotistical self-serving view of the world. Hillary embodied progression; a female president, something America had never seen before. However, she failed to install trust in the American people who were fed up of eight years of rule by Obama. In Trump, they see a man who is anti-establishment, who will decrease divisions. But he is exactly the man to create these divisions.

I want to say that I am shocked; but in truth, I am not. This summer I travelled from New York to New Orleans, I witnessed both hatred and devotion of Trump and saw the evident divisions which are shaping the USA. But overall, I saw the disillusioned faith people had in him. With the election of Trump, it feels as though America has gone back 60 years, it feels like we are slipping slowly into the Dark Ages of the political world. But the question is, how do we go from here?

Indeed, we are living in bleak times. What we thought was impossible, has now been made possible. America has made Trump the most powerful politician in the world. Following Brexit, the world possibly assumed we couldn’t get much worse. Despite this, we must remain optimistic. Hillary won 59,333,856 votes as opposed to Trump’s 59,166,034, defeating him on the popular vote. With results like these, it is easy to lose faith in democracy. The assumption is that Trump won by a huge margin. Evidently this is not completely true, in Trumps own words, it seems a ‘largely a rigged system.’ But it’s funny how he has forgotten that once the system is in his favour. An awful lot of American citizens actively oppose Trump and his regime as it’s everybody’s job to pull together and object to his narrow minded vision for the world.

Remember, we are living in history, a year in history which has been politically cataclysmic. But we are also living in the present, and we must fight each day as it comes.


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