BBC under pressure from both sides of Parliament

The BBC has been accused of bias by both sides of Parliament over the past few years
explains why we should rally behind the Corporation


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Once again the crusaders of political correction are rapping on the BBC’s door. For the past year after the 2015 election and more recently the Brexit Referendum, the BBC has come under fire from both sides of the commons in saying that the corporation took sides. Indeed even during the BBC televised opposition debate the UKIP leader Nigel Farage said “there appears to be a lack of comprehension among this audience which is a remarkable audience even by the left wing standards of the BBC”. Ever since its inception, the BBC has come under fire for trying to be unbiased.

For years the powers that be have tried to complain about the BBCs apparent bias. Be it the general election of Tony Blair or the election of the latest batch of hopefuls, the BBC has been told that it was biased. This is quite normal, but when both sides of the political spectrum are arguing that the BBC was giving their rivals the Golden Fleece, it seems that something is wrong.

This notion of bias is unfounded and hypocritical, particularly when you consider the state of the British Media. The BBC gives a voice to the furthest reaches of British politics, each given equal time. This is not just a statement, they literally give every candidate equal time to express whatever they please. Be you a rampant BNP nationalist or a Green party advocate, we put you on a sofa together and watch the eco-friendly sparks fly.

This whole TV fiasco can be summarised as “we lost so we will blame you” but the concept that the British Broadcasting Company, an organisation funded by the British people for the British people on a basis of unbiased equal coverage is showing biased coverage on a whim is preposterous. It’s hardly like they are showing conservative Countryfile or ITV is showing the soon to be revealed dancing on ice stars “Labour leadership edition”. Although I would love to see Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May doing a duet on some thin ice.

In a climate in which all newspapers are skewed to the views of their readers, it is the job of the BBC to appeal to all Britons which is why they show broadcasts of all parties, from the Greens to the BNP. Just look at the newspapers, I look at the front page of the Daily Mail and the main story is about a Russian getting his 120,000 pound Bentley stuck on a beach in Cornwall. Wealthy Foreign oligarch getting towed by local people after driving like a loon into a beach in England, jackpot!

Meanwhile in the Guardian skunkworks they were working on American Police shooting at cars so that they are justified to open fire at the victims. Police brutality involving a loophole in an old law which needs change to make a difference, now that’s what I call a news piece with two left legs. Can the BBC be given some slack while contrast in rhetoric on this scale is still rampant within other media platforms? The language of the British media is as diverse as a Premier League dressing room, but unlike that it all still works when it takes a dive. If there was a huge scandal in which David Cameron had accidentally pushed an old lady off a cliff, the Guardian and the Mirror would pounce like lions on steak frite. Meanwhile in the Mail and Telegraph you would have a possible Middleton naked photo leak scandal, the media equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and humming Land of Hope and Glory.

Both sides of politics have got their lap dogs, it’s just that the BBC has decided to sit in the middle and gnaw at its bone for the past few years. It doesn’t want to get involved with a side because that alienates half the audience that are watching. For a company that broadcasts to all, shouldn’t they appeal to all? Its why the BBC offer the Great British Bake-Off for the foodies, the news for everyone and University Challenge for people who want to brag that they scored 10 points that round, almost beating Bristol with 90.

To be honest, I prefer a bird with two wings, the left wing is as important in its role as the right and without both sides the story can’t fly. If a politician makes a statement that no one can argue against (on that fateful day a goat also passed GCSE English), the BBC will always find a person that’s strongly against whatever they are saying. Be it land reform, the economy or Jedward’s new haircut. The BBC will find someone that strongly agrees, agrees and finds strangely like a paintbrush respectively. For example, a new show depicting the depravity of cattle would not cause much upset, never the less the BBC would find a man that says “I shall not watch it, my wife’s a cow”.

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