Blackberry goes to seed, but where’s the next jump?

With much maligned sort-of-smartphone-company Blackberry stopping in house development and transitioning to android, it seems only right to look back at their inability to move with the touchscreen market and, moreover, the market stagnancy at the moment. According to Business Insider, market leader’s android, iOS and windows occupied 99.2 per cent of the smartphone operating system market in the fourth quarter of 2014. 0.8 per cent of the market then included Blackberry and decreased by 0.3 per cent the following year. The doomed manufacturer never recovered from their inflexibility which dates back to 2007.

RIM’s, Now Blackberry, former CEO Jim Balsillie was quoted as late as November 2007, five months after the release of iPhone, saying the iPhone “Posed a real challenge to users” in terms of typing and still believed in the QWERTY Keyboard. They didn’t believe tablets had a market and stated apps weren’t necessary with Jim Balsillie claiming in November 2010 “the only app you really need is the browser”.

This sea change was undoubtedly what caused Blackberry to decline over the last decade. Somewhat depressingly for them how

Image: Flickr.

Image: Flickr.

ever, almost ten years later and the next big change for smart phones hasn’t happened; let me explain. The latest features for smart phones are not all that progressive. They are frivolous. Let’s discuss a few.

Fingerprint sign-in:

I have used it. It’s lovely, but we are kidding ourselves if we think it is something we really need in our lives. The backup 4-digit pin sign in is still on all phones, so you haven’t made your phone any safer in reality. As for Apple and Android Pay, most people’s cards are going contactless anyway and you are just putting your money on another device, which could be argued as unsafe.


Drawing a circle on your screen to open a camera is impressive for around about week. Once realising it is no quicker than just opening the camera on the OS, the fun of it dies rather.

Curved Screen:

Incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits of this development don’t seem to be much more than that. So pay more for it at your own leisure, I’d take a longer battery life over it any day.

Dash Charge:

Speaking of battery life, finally, something genuinely useful. Not ground breaking don’t get me wrong but google pixel’s claim of 7 hours’ charge in 15 minutes and OnePlus 3’s claim of a day’s charge in half an hour (0 to 60%), this is necessary. How many times have you not charged your phone overnight or notice 30 minutes before you leave you house that your phone is low? Let’s just say a lot. This is a genuinely important feature.

So the huge step Apple made back in the summer of 2007 still hasn’t been replicated with something equally important. How much longer do we have to wait, I don’t know. So for now, just look for the best specs and not the fancy features. We are still holding out for a game changing development.


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