Porters say Vanbrugh relocation “makes no sense”

Students have expressed their dissatisfaction as Vanbrugh Porters move to Information Centre

Image: UKOLN

Image: UKOLN

It has been confirmed that Vanbrugh College Porters have been permanently moved to the Information Centre at Market Square.

The move, which comes amid a number of changes to the porters system at York, has caused a number of students and members of staff to speak out.

When asked, porters at the college told Nouse that the move  “makes no sense” to them, and that porters were given “no explanation” for the change.

The permanent change will see students now have to walk further to collect mail, report issues and contact porters for basic University information.

A number of students have expressed their concern at the move, with one Vanbrugh College student telling Nouse, “It simply doesn’t make sense to me. The old facility could surely do anything that the new one can and it felt much more Vanbrugh-connected.

“Quite frankly, it was more comfortable to go visit the porters outside the JCR than walking to the Information Centre.”

The University has, however, claimed that the change will in fact better convenience students, with the new location now promised to be open 24 hours  a day.

University Registrar and Secretary David Duncan told Nouse, “We re-located the porters’ lodge following a comprehensive review of front-of-house reception provision.  The new office is open 24 hours a day and is conveniently located for Vanbrugh students and visitors to the campus alike.”

At a time of many changes to the porter system, with working hours and staff numbers both having been cut recently, it remains unclear if Vanbrugh will be the only college that will see the location of its porters changed

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