YUSU Officer Profiles: Alex Lusty, Student Activities Officer

Degree: History BA

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

What does your role entail?

As your activities officer I have responsibility for societies, media, RAG (Raising and Giving) and volunteering groups. The other sabbs might disagree but I definitely have the best job! Whether you want to sing opera, write satire, volunteer at a kid’s camp or jump off a waterfall in aid of charity, I help you to achieve the opportunities that are open to you at university.

What advice do you have for freshers?

It’s a cliché, but get involved! Almost every fresher will be new to university life so don’t be shy about diving in head first. In the next few years you’ll have the freedom to gain experience you won’t find anywhere else. Try new things; meet new people; grab any and all opportunities!

What is your favourite thing about York?

The city. I didn’t do it enough as a fresher, but try and visit town as much as you can (sober as well as drunk). Everyone knows about the minster and the shambles, and they’re great fun and well worth a visit, but every time I go into York I seem to find a new ancient pub or hidden café. Anyway, if you ever tire of campus’s brutalist sixties architecture, an ancient medieval city isn’t the worst place to visit in your down time… That isn’t an excuse to badmouth Central hall though – it may be a bizarre pseudo-spaceship, but it’s our bizarre pseudo-spaceship!

When should people come to see you?

If you have an idea for a new society, RAG or volunteering group, feel free to pop me an email, send me a message on Facebook or just come into the office for a natter. I’m open and excited to hear whatever you guys have to say – though if you’re approaching me at 2am in Kuda I won’t promise to remember it!

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