Club Profiles: Climbing (Mountaineering)

How to get involved with Climbing at the University of York

Image: Maria Ly

Image: Maria Ly

About the sport:

We’re primarily a climbing club, with members participating in all forms of climbing – bouldering, trad (traditional climbing) and sport climbing. Climbing is a great sport that is both mentally and physically involved, and it’s great fun!

When trials are:

We don’t yet know when team tryouts will be. You can find us at the Freshers Fair and/or join our mailing list to stay in the loop. At some point during the first few weeks of term we will be holding a taster session that caters for all abilities at Red Goat, our local bouldering wall.

Why you should give it a go:

People join Mountaineering because climbing is a really fun sport. We’re a friendly group of mixed ability that are always welcoming new members. Total beginners can easily get into climbing, in fact a large number of our members were total beginners before they came to York.

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