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How to get involved with Octopush at the University of York

Image: Wikipedia, Wouss

Image: Wikipedia, Wouss

About the Sport:

Octopush, or Underwater Hockey, is essentially ice hockey plus global warming; if all the ice melted and you played in it… just like Ice Hockey, players push a puck into the opposing teams goal using sticks, however instead of skates you just wear fins, snorkels and a costume. Invented by sub-aqua divers who had got bored by the tedium of lane swimming to stay fit, Octopush is fast, furious, and fun. Now played worldwide, UYOC has alumni across the globe, and by joining us you will be part of one the best and friendliest sporting communities out there.

When Trials are:

As a fully inclusive club, we don’t hold try-outs and we continue to recruit members throughout the year. Our first session is on Monday 3rd October at York Sport Village. For matches and tournaments the team is made up out of the available players and we encourage all new players to have a go playing in the Yorkshire League matches.

Can beginners get involved?

Of course! Most of our members had never heard of Octopush never mind played it before. Our only requirement is a basic swimming ability as the sport requires you to swim… a lot. Everyone gets their first two sessions FREE and another five free when you become a member (and a free octopush t-shirt, who doesn’t want that). The club can provide you with all the equipment, all you need to bring is yourself and a swimming costume.

Why should you try this sport:

Octopush is a truly unique sport and also a fun way to stay in shape. But if none of those appeal, then just come along so you can shock and amaze everyone by saying you’ve played Underwater Hockey. The club is also an extremely close and friendly group making it a great way to find new friends. So come and try Octopush!

To stay up to date with the latest information, like our Facebook page ( or follow our Twitter (@UoYOctopush). See you at Freshers Fair!

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