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How to get involved with Netball at the University of York

Image: UOY Netball

Image: UOY Netball

About the club:

We are a squad of 30 girls, who are looking to take in around 17 freshers this year. UYNC is a very social and competitive club. We have three teams that take part in BUCS (British University and College Sports) and are always looking for the next promotion. Not only do we play netball, but we organise events for charity each term, dinners with other sports teams and socials every wednesday held at each others houses and run by our social secs. All three teams in UYNC also take part in the cup, that takes place throughout term 1 and 2.  If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected].

Trials and regular sessions:

Trials are taking place on the Sunday 2nd October and more information regarding times etc can be found on the University of York Netball freshers 2016/2017 page on Facebook. UYNC have a tense but rewarding training regime for members of the club only. We train mondays, thursdays, fridays and saturdays for 2 hours. Of course not forgetting our matches on BUCS Wednesdays. Training on  a monday is run by our amazing Coach mel and for the rest of the week, sessions are run by our Club Captain, Georgia Dixon, who has been organising session plans this past summer.

Why you should give it a go:

Netball is a great way to get back into a sport that you maybe use to play at school and want to get back into it and play competitively in BUCS. It is a great form of fitness, especially with how many training sessions are held per week. I chose to join the netball club as I wanted to keep fit, especially after all the food eaten during freshers week and in the process I also met a great group of girls who I spend all my time at uni with. Joining UYNC has made my experience at York even better so I urge any of you interested to come to trials on the 2nd October!

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