Game Review: Seasons After Fall

reviews Seasons After Fall


Credit: Swing Swing Submarine

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Platform: PC
Release Date: 2 Sep 2016
Developer: Swing Swing Submarine

This game strikes me as one thing. Something I didn’t really realise exists until I started playing. This game has the aesthetic of the BBC Christmas Day (or New Years Day) children’s TV movie. Now I’ll admit that quite an odd and esoteric thing to say yet I conferred with some friends and they agreed with me that actually it’s a very apt description.

So what do I mean? Well it’s mostly in the art, the raw brush strokes and the rather rough yet stylised animation. Simplistic yet striking visuals and an easy to listen to orchestral score. The game was made by only one person but they have made sure to use a look that make the generally low detail of the artwork shine. You play as a ‘seed’ who comes to inhabit the body of a fox as you hunt down the pieces of the seasons from each of the guardians so you can complete the ‘Ritual of Seasons’. With each piece you gain the ability to switch seasons which causes the world around you to change and things to happen which help you progress.

You may have wondered why I started by talking about how the game looks rather than how it plays and the reason for this is that the game play is about as generic as it gets. It’s a puzzle platformer that revolves around the changing of the seasons. It’s nothing much new and it doesn’t really do much with it. It controls fine with the exception of the turning being just slightly longer than you think it should be an it causes you to lose all momentum which can make some sections frustrating though not difficult. There’s also little in the way of exploration to do there’s one path through any area and then you loop back on yourself using some of the things you couldn’t access previously.

Ultimately the game itself is nothing much of note but its style, art and feel carry it through to being a fairly decent game. It almost feels like a children’s bed time story and isn’t too long so can be nice for a small warm fuzzy feeling.

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