Ginger Pride? I Would Rather Not

With the first Ginger Pride events in the UK scheduled to take place in August, Rob Tibke asks himself why he, and other gingers, would need pride events to celebrate their hair colour

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IMAGE: Gingers the Gathering 2016 Facebook event

A few days ago a friend sent me this video of an advert for Ginger Pride 2016. After some private banter, harking back to our previous escapades and the typical tried-and-tested ginger jokes, ‘At last my own kind! Maybe I will finally reunite with my true redheaded parentage!’ I began wondering why I disliked this video. And dislike it, I do.

It isn’t the upbeat bouncy tune, which is soo cheesy, that explains why I dislike it. Nor is it because I find most other gingers kinda ugly with some notable exceptions. Rather, it’s because the concept of ginger pride is ludicrous. Identity politics is conceptually flawed and divisive, endlessly reasserting our superficial differences instead of common humanity. There are many problematic cultural factors overlapping here and I can’t include them all (I came up with eight). But I shall try to condense my take to the most immediate problems.

The most obvious thing here is there’s simply no need for Ginger Pride, unlike Gay Pride which has always had a noble cause. In the aftermath of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, the LGBT community organised pride parades to legitimise themselves after being historically marginalised and misunderstood. Leviticus 18:22 condemns man-to-man sexual relationships, and the Hadiths are clear on killing sodomites. In 1987 the Iron Lady declared that kids being taught homosexuality is ok were being ‘cheated’. And even today, there still is a case for Gay Pride. According to Pew, Muslims the world over deem homosexaulity to be immoral, and the ICM found 52% of British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be illegal. (If the LGBT community had any sense they would ally with liberal Muslims like Irshad Manji instead of castigating ‘western heteronormativity’. Stop reading Judith Butler). So what do gingers endure? Recycled stock jokes? Someone irrelevant called us a tampon. Spare me! This is farcical: We do not have a cause to fight here. Come on! Let’s not indulge in this fantasyworld of systemic carrot-topped oppression.

The comparison of Ginger Pride to Gay Pride reveals some of the irrational excesses of diversity demagoguery, and our obsession with accommodating every group’s needs. In an interview with the redheaded journalist Ella Whelan, Camille Paglia provides a hilarious critique of intersectional feminism and many of Paglia’s criticisms could reflect identity politics. Like intersectional feminists, advocates of identity politics lack a global perspective and the reality principle this endows. We are a century away from World War One, and yet some monomaniacs are policing nasty words – otherwise known as ‘dangerous rhetoric’ – instead of actions. It’s ridiculous! more so when the blood of countless global atrocities still wet the ground. Yet the new bourgeoisie are more concerned with regulating free expression, and now insults directed towards gingers! What’s next? ‘Only a ginger, can call another ginger ginger’? Ginger pride promoters: Have you aborted reality?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more anti-ginger bullying after Ginger Pride. Remember Coppercab? After his crybaby histrionics bullies were gifted a new tool to exploit: gingers’ own insecurities. When we internalise the mindset of victimage others can sense that weakness; and they will prey upon you. Ginger Pride will spur the social incentive for gingers to become enfeebled, because it celebrates victimhood. Rather than tolerance and appeasement, we need to recognise the value of pride in oneself; not our group’s victim status.

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