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The problems of living in the countryside: no Pokemon

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Pokémon Go is all the rage and it’s not hard to see why. It’s now possible to fulfill your dreams of being a trainer by going out into the real world and finding Pokémon, catching them all and finally becoming a gym leader (sort of anyway). Along the way Pokémon Go encourages young children (and not so young children) to get out into the open for walks to find Poké-Stops and catch more Pokémon. And it’s honestly great, a truly wonderful and fun piece of adventure. Unless, like me, you live in the middle of nowhere.

With it currently being the summer holidays I’m back home in Lancashire (yes boo hiss and all that) and I live in a little hamlet which is surrounded by fields as far as the eye can see. And it would appear that as well as being short on anything to do on weekends and people under the age of 50 my surroundings are short on Pokémon.

In fact the only place nearby I’ve been able to find any Pokémon without the use of incense is the ‘local’ park which is an hour and a half round trip on foot. This in itself isn’t necessarily a huge problem. I take a neighbour’s dog on a walk about every other day (ever day if the weather is good enough) so I do go out to do some catching. The problem is that on this walk I get maybe 2-3 Pokémon and 1 Poke-stop all at the park. Even extending my time in the park rather longer than is reasonable I only managed to find about 5 Pokémon and get the same Poke-stop a couple of times.

By looking on Facebook at the adventures of friends they are coming across lots of Pokémon and many more Poké-Stops. The Poké-Stops is of course completely understandable; I had the exact same issue when I played Pokémon Go‘s predecessor Ingress. A small village out in the middle of nowhere has far less portals than somewhere such as York. So that much  I expected. But as for the lack of Pokémon? That there seems to be no adequate explanation for and no real reason either. I’ve covered greater distances than many people but as it’s not an urban area sightings are few and far between.

So it would seem that sparing an update to the spawning circumstances my quest to catch them all will be on hold (or at least remain very limited) until I return to York. And I find that somewhat sad because whilst I’ll soon have access to plenty of Poké-Stops and hopefully more chances to catch Pokémon there are lots of people who live out of the cities and towns who may end up very quickly giving up due to the simple lack of Pokémon. It’s something that I’d like to see addressed but, considering the lack of even a email address of comments box on any of the Pokémon Go website pages, something I imagine continue to be a problem for a very long time to come.

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