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tigerTiger Temple

The famous Thai Buddhist temple, Tiger Temple has run into hot water as 40 dead tiger cubs, and various other animal parts have been found in a freezer. The temple is being closed due to accusations of trafficking and animal abuse. Although visited by thousands of tourists every year, the temple has a long controversial history and animal rights activists have long been campaigning for its closure.

Royal Baking PowderBaking soda to fight carbon

Sponges with a crucial ingredient of baking soda are being tested by Californian scientist to capture carbon. We know that rising carbon dioxide emissions are contributing to global warming and many believe reducing levels are key to keeping temperature in check. So far carbon capture methods have been ineffective, energetically demanding to produce and extremely expensive. They hope this new technology will be effective resulting in about 40% lower energy use and capital cost.

Zoo controversy

The shooting of Harambe, a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo made headlines this week after a young boy fell into his enclosure. Many disagree with the zoo’s actions and argue that non-lethal methods should have been used. However, these are often slow to work therefore the child would have been at more risk. There is much mystery into gorilla behaviour. Portrayed as violent brutes in movies such as King Kong, it is true that they are dangerous creatures. There are two other cases of children in gorilla enclosures, strikingly in one 1986 incident a gorilla acted in a protective way. The police are further investigating the incident.

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