Department agrees to cap students’ book costs at £50

English Department agrees to helping students with book costs

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Students and staff on the English department Board of Studies are together working towards an agreement whereby a number of concerns regarding book costs and email turnarounds will be addressed.
The agreement, which will be proposed at Wednesday’s Board of Studies meeting, will be reached by the collation of two proposals: one each on the behalf of students and staff, which will clarify the ‘reasonable’ expectations of both.
The students’ proposal, which has already been drafted in collaboration with some staff members, details a number of concerns, predominantly those of costs and communication.
In light of recent discussions regarding financial demands on students, the group propose that book costs are capped at £50 per module. Staff will ensure this by calculating costs of reading lists in advance and making certain texts available for free in printed format or online.
Jim Watt, senior lecturer in the English Department, confirmed the proceedings, but reaffirmed the agreement is very much in the interests of both staff and students, and significantly still a work in progress.
“I’d stress that the discussion so far has been very collaborative,” he told Nouse, “and hasn’t been about either side trying to hold the other to account – it’s been more about staff trying to recognise some of the pressures that students face, and vice versa”.
“We hope to approve the agreement as it stands at next week’s Board of Studies meeting, then build on it with reference to staff and student feedback over subsequent months, with the aim of developing a more formal agreement which we can present to students and include in the departmental staff handbook.”
Angelica Curzi, second year Course Rep, also commented: “Staff warmly welcomed the laying down of the SSA with the student reps, seeing it as a brilliant opportunity to improve communications and relations with the English Lit students at large.”

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