York dominate in brutal 28-1 win

Image: James Hostford

Image: James Hostford

Women’s Firsts Lacrosse must have been the whitewash game of the tournament. Not that this is anything particularly noteworthy. This team has gone from strength to strength, making Roses just another one of their successes. They have had one of their best seasons yet and remain third in Division 1 for the second year in a row.  It is no wonder then that the game played out as it did.

Heading into the game and when asked why people should  come and watch, Club President Alex Bell’s response was to “see Lancaster get beaten”. There was no question as to whether this team would win. They ooze confidence and have every right to.  Instead their aim was to “improve on last year’s high score”.

Taking place in the crux of Roses’ very own Super Saturday it certainly lived up to the sport’s exciting and  fast moving nature. The fixture ended with a thrilling (for the white rose) score of 28-1 to York, thrashing last year’s result of 18-2 and achieving their aim for the game. Lancaster never really seemed to get going in the match, scoring a solitary goal as some kind of compensation.

In the opening minutes of the game, Lacrosse’s well loved Connie Shaw started off the goal a minute precedence with a great left hand shot, shortly followed by one from Hattie Washer and then Lizzie Stevens. In this fashion we could continue as the game consisted of goal after goal for York. York’s keeper, Tilly Aung also played well in the very brief moments that the ball found itself in the York end. Defence were left with a bit of a sore deal and spent a lot of the game, particularly the first half, looking longingly up the pitch at their attackers where much of the action was taking part. That being said Abbie Marcroft played superbly when play came her way.
York took charge from the offset. The present and fairly sizable Lancaster contingent in attendance at first seemed none too fazed by conceding early on, but their cries of encouragement quickly faded to dejected groans each time York scored. It wasn’t until York had already scored 15 that Lancaster finally scored 1. It is probably fair to say that York had won within the first 10 minutes of play.

There was never a danger of any sort of let up from the York squad, who kept on attacking at a merciless rate, moving the ball with great skill and accuracy and not relenting until each move ended in a goal. Of course Chloe Searle deserves a mention as do Grace Waddington, Joy Mendes da Costa  and Seconds Captain Dannii Jackson. Kitty Leech scored three and Stevens four – two goals in two minutes to be exact. The game’s pace was so quick that any live updates of the score were rendered obsolete before being published online, by more York goals.

This game was also momentous for the handover of the Firsts’ captaincy from Laura Carruthers to Charlotte Weston. Carruthers really has shone in her role this year and been a strong influence in the team’s continuing success. Undoubtedly she will be missed. Equally though Weston has played consistently well in her first year on  the team and will most likely take this not only in her stride but onwards and upwards.

Lancaster did get a goal back, but it only served to give their defence and keeper a quick break before York came thundering down their end of the pitch again, punishing Lancaster with another 11 goals before the game finished. York effortlessly won 28-1 and secured 4 points for the white rose. If there was one team who could be sure of a win at Roses it would be Women’s Lacrosse and that they did.

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