NME banned from media bins

NME to no longer be placed in media bins on campus

NME will no longer be available in the media bins on the University of York campus. The decision has been made as the bins are intended to hold student-produced publications, which NME is not.

NME gives free magazines every week to over 40 universities in the UK but by being placed in the media bins it creates commercial competition between them and student-made media such as Nouse, York Vision, Hard Magazine and The Lemon Press.

Chris Wall, YUSU Activities Officer, told Nouse: “NME are not affiliated with us and their brand ambassadors should not be placing magazines in reserved spaces for media societies.

“Unfortunately, as we don’t know who is doing it, we can’t ask them to stop. (If you are the brand ambassador and are reading this please do stop)!

“If you see NME in YUSU bins, please feel free to move them. We work hard to protect our student media.”

David Duncan, University Registrar and Secretary appeared to suggest that the move was a censorous one, commenting: “Generally speaking, we are keen to support campus media, not least for the excellent development opportunities it gives to York students.

“At the same time, I am not sure that banning distribution of other publications is consistent with the principle of a free press.  I would be interested in hearing the views of Nouse readers on this issue.” Despite the ban, copies are still in bins.

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