TV Review: Agent Carter Series 2 Episode 7: ‘Monsters’

A near perfect episode of Agent Carter has all of the characters being utilized at their best, says


Image: Marvel/ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Image: Marvel/ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Agent Carter seems to be continually on the up right now.  This episode was really good and actually managed to be something I would expect from Daredevil on an average day.  This episode managed to up the stakes and give everyone something to do and was really enjoyable from start to finish.  I actually do not have any out and out criticism for it.  It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but episodes like this were what I was expecting from this series, and I hope the rest of it remains as good.

What really made the episode good was the interactions between the characters.  This was exemplified in the conversation between Ana and Jarvis where she talked to him about the danger he was putting himself into.  That conversation was not the stereotypical one where someone out of the blue asks a character to stop doing what they had been successfully doing all series and becomes an obstacle.  That would have been stupid and a blatant contrivance.  Ana may not have always known the exact danger her husband was in but she knew that it was not all fun and games, and she knows that Jarvis needs this danger or else he is unable to function.  Therefore, rather than becoming an obstacle, she did what most real people would do, let him do what he wanted, but also admitted that she was worried about him.  That was a very in character moment.  Ana is smart enough to know that Jarvis will do what he wants and has a reckless streak (one that saved her life) and she even loves him for it, and knows that stopping him won’t get her anywhere.  That is very good writing and the episode is to be commended for that.

I also really enjoyed the scene where Whitney Frost was torturing Dottie.  Given how tough Dottie is, and how she is used to torture (almost like the Black Widow is in the modern day) it was really funny to see how unfrazzled she was by Vernon Masters.  It was almost certain that she would not speak.  Therefore, to see that Whitney’s torture worked really managed to drive home how powerful she was.  Being able to break someone like Dottie Underwood is no mean feat.  Additionally, it served as a great way to connect Whitney and Wilkes, and I was wondering how long it would take before that happened.  I am glad that it did not take too long and that the way it happened did not feel contrived or like clutching at straws.

Finally, I loved Jarvis’s reaction when he realised Ana was in danger and when she got shot.  Him pulling a gun on Dottie Underwood and then freaking out when he saw his wife get shot was really great and showed him actually having a storyline, rather than just being Peggy’s sidekick.  Furthermore, it was obvious that this was not something that he had considered when starting his adventures.  He had always worried that something might happen to him, that he might get shot or hurt, but he never dreamed that Ana would get caught up into it.  He clearly wanted nothing other than getting Ana the medical attention she needed, no matter what the consequences would be for the mission and it was really great that Peggy put aside the mission immediately to help her friend.  Seeing their dynamic and having the episode not going down the easy road of making the two bicker about what was more important while Ana died was just an example of the good writing in this episode and showed that this show writes characters, not caricatures.

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