Roses 2016 Preview: Octopush

Octopush makes it’s third appearance at Roses and York will finish the year with a morale-boosting victory over Lancaster

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No points will be won on Sunday but don’t expect that to affect either side’s approach in the pool. Photo: Peter Iveson


Underwater Hockey: Sunday, 12:30, Swimming Pool

2015 Result

Octopush Mixed: Won 17-1

Points Available: n/a

Inside Track: Rachel McGlone, Press & Publicity Officer

How have the club performed this season?

Octopush has performed exceptionally this year, winning our first tournament in Oxford in December, as well as placing our two teams at 6th and 7th at student nationals. We have a committed set of players from both freshers and older years all enthusiastic to play.

What do you expect from Lancaster? 

If we’re honest, the past two Roses tournaments have been York dominated, and we expect much the same again. However, Lancaster have been training hard and our freshers team only beat them 8-0 at nationals this year.

Which individual players could stand out?

The main one to watch would be Shellby Stephenson, who has played for GB. She’s highly skilled and amazing in the water. Other exciting players include Ben Lombardo, a powerhouse, and Simon Ashworth, fast and tricky.

Why should people come and watch the octopush?

People should come to watch octopush because it is an exciting and intriguing sport, gradually increasing its profile among the York sport community. We’re all part of a family, and we’re always very welcoming to any newcomers.

Year in a Tweet

Yes, that’s right- Octopush made the back page of this esteemed publication. They told us about their hosting of the Student Nationals, a great honour for all concerned that saw teams come from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and even Heidelberg, Germany to compete. This is symptomatic of the growth of the sport at York.

Nouse Verdict

It’s a shame the Octopush game isn’t being contested for points at this year’s Roses, given that they would almost certainly go the way of the White Rose.

A comprehensive 17-1 defeat of Lancaster and a highly creditable sixth and seventh placed finish at the Student Nationals suggests this has been another year of progress for the club- which should end with a resounding Roses rout.

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